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Top 5 benefits of outsourcing admin for NZ builders

Why every NZ builder should outsource admin tasks

Admin tasks can be a real hassle for NZ Builders. They eat up your time and keep you from doing what you’re good at and what brings in the dollars – building.  

That’s where outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in handy. Let’s check out the top five benefits.  

NZ builders working on a building site

1. Save time

Your time is valuable. Chasing invoices, scheduling jobs, and managing your emails can take hours out of your day.   

If you outsource these time-sucking jobs to a VA, you’ll get back time to spend on the tools, with family, or just hanging out with your mates. 

2. Save Money 

Bringing on full-time admin staff costs a lot. With outsourcing, you only pay for the help you need.   

This is perfect for small businesses or if you're running a one-man or woman operation—handling everything from quoting jobs to hammering nails. You'll save on salaries, leave, and other staff perks. Keep your business costs down by only paying for what you use.  

3. Keep clients happy

Good communication is key.  

When you keep in touch with your clients and keep them updated, they’re more likely to tell their friends how good you are when they’re looking for a builder.  

A VA can handle your emails, take calls, and book appointments, making sure your clients feel valued and kept in the loop. Happy clients will get you more referrals and repeat business. 

4. Get expert help

VAs are pros at what they do and know how to use the latest tools and techniques.  

From bookkeeping to social media management, they've got you covered.  

This means you get solid support without paying for the latest software or training. It's like having a skilled admin team ready to pick up the slack and handle all the admin you're drowning in.  

5. Flexible support

Your workload can change. Outsourcing means you get the support you need when you need it. You're busy on the tools all day and don't have time to deal with admin tasks. One of the advantages of working with a VA is they can handle those tasks when you put your tools down at the end of the day.  

Whether things are flat out or a bit quieter, your VA works around your day, making sure you always have the right level of support.

Take the next step

Outsourcing admin tasks can free you up to focus on building and growing your business.  

With less time on admin and more time on the tools, you can do what you do best and what brings in the money.  

Working with a team like Shadow Administration can be a smart move to make your trade more efficient and successful.  

Are you a NZ builder needing help?

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