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Virtual Office Manager Services for tradies

Struggling to keep your business operations and projects on track?

We'll help you build your business & reach your goals

Feeling overwhelmed with managing your business operations and projects? Running a trade business involves more than just being on the tools. It's a challenge to keep everything on track and stress-free.

When your operations are all over the place, it means late jobs, unhappy clients, and more time fixing problems than getting work done.

Our Virtual Office Manager services provide virtual support to keep your business running smoothly. From business strategy to team management, we handle the tough stuff so you can stay on the tools.

Our virtual Office Manager services include

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Start-Up

  • Operations Management

  • Board Support

  • Team & HR Management

Virtual Office Manager Packages

Choose the right Online Office Manager Plan for your Trade business.

Need help with start-up support, team management, or big projects? We’ve got a plan for you. Our Virtual Office Manager packages help you run your business smoothly and reach your goals.

Silver Service

$900 + GST up to 10 hours per month

Great for clients who need start-up support or short-term management.

Gold Service

$1700 + GST up to 20 hours per month

Perfect for clients needing ongoing support with project and team management.

Platinum Service

$2500 + GST up to 30 hours per month

Suitable for clients needing full support at management level with teams, projects and strategy. 

Meet Your Virtual Office manager, Toyah

Toyah, your expert business support!

Toyah is the founder of Shadow Administration and our experienced Virtual Office Manager.

Married to a tradie and co-running their own building business, Toyah really gets the needs of the Trade industry.

With over ten years of experience managing her own and other people's businesses, Toyah can support you with everything you need to run a successful business.

How Toyah can help your business

  • Help you launch and grow your start-up

  • Create and improve your business systems

  • Take care of project management

  • Keep your business running smoothly

  • Find and manage the right team

Toyah’s expertise ensures your business runs smoothly so you can focus on what you do best.

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