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Shadow's Trades Services

Tailored services to provide wrap-around support for tradies.

Whether you need short-term services to get you through the end of the financial year or more hands-on daily support to get you through the week—Shadow Admin's VA services are right for the job!

Delegating to VA is just like adding more tools to your toolbox!

So, what do you need to delegate?

Virtual Assistant Services

With our virtual assistants services, you get a wide range of support from general administration to site processes and procedures to Xero and bookkeeping support. No matter what it is, we can help you with it!

Social Media & Graphic Design

Level up your online presence! With our social media virtual assistants, your pages will be full of your latest projects and expert trades advice to wow your target audience. We'll set up your pages, create the graphics and captions, and schedule the content for you each month. 

Xero Bookkeeping

Take the stress out of your finances with a Xero-certified bookkeeper. You can get our team of professional Xero bookkeepers to cover all aspects of bookkeeping for you, from creating invoices and collecting payments to handling payroll and preparing reports.

Online Office Manager

As an Online Office Manager, Toyah will personally work with you and your team to ensure smooth business operations, project management, and system building. 

Hear from our satisfied trades client...


"Toyah's service has been absolutely eye-opening, especially the number of hours her systems have saved our business. She is extremely helpful in her full-service package. Thank you again!"

Shaun Spillane
S.A.S Builders

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