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Virtual Assistants supporting tradies with your business and administration needs.

Focus on your trade, not admin

Are you a Tradie that didn’t sign up for all the admin stuff?

You’re on the tools all day, feeling the strain and stress of wearing too many hard hats.

That’s where our superstar virtual assistants at Shadow Administration can help and take that load off your shoulders.

Outsource all those annoying but necessary business and admin tasks so you can focus on being on the tools.

Feeling the strain and stress? Wearing too many hard hats?

If you've made it this far, that likely means you need some support with your workload. That's where our superstar virtual assistants and online business managers come in!

Show me how!

Supporting tradies with...

  • Inbox and calendar management

  • Arranging site and build logistics

  • Streamlining and creating site processes

  • Client and subcontractor support

  • Health & Safety admin - Prequal & Site Wise.

  • HR support

  • Team management

  • Health & Safety support

  • Xero setup

  • Invoicing & Bills

  • Reconciling accounts

  • GST filing and returns

  • Payroll

  • Content creation

  • Scheduling

  • Social Media Management

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Expert support you can trust

Xero certified advisory badge

Xero Certified Advisors

Get help from Xero Certified Advisors who are proficient in all core features of Xero and have earned their certification.

Xero certified payroll badge

Xero Payroll Certified

Leave your payroll in capable hands with virtual assistants certified in Xero Payroll, ensuring smooth and error-free payroll management.

Virtual Assistants Network NZ Verified Member badge

NZ Virtual Assistant Network Verified Members

Feel confident with Shadow Admin, which has been verified and reference-checked by clients, so you know you’re in good hands.

The benefits of hiring a Shadow VA for your trades business...

Get experts for a fraction of the cost.

You will get access to qualified experts in their fields, allowing you to benefit from their expert knowledge for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

On-call support for the hours that suit you.

You’re on the tools all day and can’t stop between jobs to check emails from your VA. Your Shadow Administration VA will be available when it suits you, whether it's first thing in the morning after the tools are down or through WhatsApp, text, or whatever works best for you.

Take back control and enjoy your time on the tools.

You get access to VAs who are passionate about working with tradies, so we know what we're doing. This means you can feel comfortable outsourcing to us and enjoy your time on the tools. 

I only need temporary help to fill a gap.

Hiring a Shadow VA comes with minimal risk. You can choose from service packages that let you scale your support up or down or even put it on hold based on your needs.

Feel safe knowing you get years of experience.

You will have access to a team of virtual assistants with over 40 years of combined experience in bookkeeping, payroll, administration, business management and digital marketing. For the price of one VA, you benefit from our entire team's extensive knowledge and skills.

We speak and understand tradies.

If you want a VA who gets your industry, you’re in the right place! We specialise in supporting tradies like you, so we’re familiar with your lingo and processes. You can feel confident knowing you’ll get the right support when you pass a task onto your dedicated VA.

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