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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an individual who provides support to a business owner or management on a contractor level. Often a specialist in their chosen field, a VA can provide support in several areas from, but not limited to, administrative, marketing, project management, creative, and accounting or bookkeeping support and business management.

How do I know if a Virtual Assistant and Shadow Admin is right for me?

Do you know we offer a complimentary discovery call? We will sit and chat with you about you, your business, and your needs, and together, we will work through the pros and cons of engaging Shadow Administration. When we wrap our call, you will be presented with a Proposal and our terms of service to consider. We know decisions take time, so we will follow up with you 2-5 days after the proposal is sent!

When can I expect Shadow Admin to start?

Depending on your service, we expect onboarding to start within 30 days of the signed terms being returned. If you have been placed on our waitlist, this will be communicated to you at the time of the Discovery call.

How will my information be stored? Will we share logins?

This is such a great and important question. We often hold private and confidential information such as passwords, login info and debit card information, and our bookkeepers have access to Xero software and bank accounts. We use a premium paid programme called Last Past. Each VA has their own login, which is 2FA and secured. Our company policy is not to share Bank access login info with each other or the client. We have our own logins and user accounts set up directly with the bank.

Will I get to see how many hours my Virtual Assistant does for me?

Of course! We use a program called Teamwork to manage client work, track hours, and keep everything together. We provide monthly time reports with invoices if requested. You can request a time report at any time of the month by emailing Toyah and giving her 2 business days’ notice.

Are my unused hours rolled over?

When we created your proposal and packages, we calculated how many hours we think we will need over a 6-month period. There will be occasions when this exceeds or is lower than we forecast, but it will always balance out. Therefore, we do not offer hours to be rolled over.

What if I need help outside of your hours?

No worries at all! You're a tradie; we get it. You're up on the job site early and might need some support in the morning before you pick up your tools. While our usual work hours are 8 am—5 pm, we can find you support at the times that best suit you. When you meet with Toyah, let her know what times you need support, and we'll make sure to find you the right fit.

Do you use specific programs?

The programs we use depend on the areas of support you are getting. For example, we use Xero for all bookkeeping and payroll services. During our discovery and onboarding meetings, we will discuss the tools we will use to complete your tasks. 


I don't use Xero, what are my options?

Shadow Admin is a Xero Partner, and Xero is our preferred method for bookkeeping and payroll services. Because we are Xero Partners, we can set you up with a Xero account at a great rate and help you get acquainted with the program. If you don't want to use Xero, that's okay; we will help you find a VA that works with other software.

Is Shadow governed under Anti Money Laundering laws?

The short answer – YES! If we provide you with Bookkeeping services, then we are obligated by NZ law to complete AML checks. This is a quick and easy process, and we use a third party to complete this. We do not store any of your information on file, and Shadow Administration covers this cost.

social media & Websites

How does the social media stuff work?

Social media can be confusing if you're not used to and coming up with ideas can be challenging. Our Creative VA will work with you each month to come up with ideas for content that works with your goals and target audience. She will then put it all together in a simple Content Calendar you can access. Once all the content for the month is done, your Creative VA will share the Content Calendar with you for your approval before scheduling any of the content. With all of our social media packages, you get one round of edits to your monthly content. 

I don't have any social media accounts set up. Can you do that?

Yes, absolutely! We can set up any social media accounts you want and will make sure you have access to these accounts. We can also design all the banners and profile pictures for these accounts. 

There are so many website programs. Which one do you use?

We love Rocketspark! It's a great NZ-based business that we can use to build you a beautiful website. If you prefer to use another website platform, we can also help with that. We have experience using WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and SquareSpace.

Can you come on-site and take pictures of our projects?

This is not a service we usually offer; however, depending on your location, our Creative VA may be able to do this. We can discuss whether this is possible during your Consultation Call with Toyah. 

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